“Touchless” QR Direct Mail-driven leads? It’s like magic!

snail Do you have salespeople asking for more “Glengarry” leads? Inceptor delivers MORE quality leads per 1000 recipients using hyper-personalized, frictionless data capture. Inceptor is simple, yet brilliant:

1) Each piece of direct mail is printed with a custom QR code for EVERY recipient.

2) Recipient responds to an amazing personalized offer by scanning the QR code on the postal mail with their phone, often right there near the mailbox or wherever they open snail mail.

3) Landing page greets the recipient by name (if marketer requests that integration)

4) Simultaneously, the Inceptor platform emails the sales manager AND alerts the CRM via API (contact us re CRM integration). The sales team is delighted, Glengarry leads even if the landing page form is NOT filled out.

If you aren’t using Inceptor, you are missing out on leads, you are making response to your offer needlessly high friction for prospects. Inceptor is a win-win.

We are in a CLOSED Invitation-Only deployment of Inceptor for Didit clients, but plan to open up the Inceptor to additional marketers. To get on the waiting list, provide your email address please.

Direct mail success is driven by the numbers. Response rate improvement can turn a losing direct mail campaign into a profit generator.

Curious?  Reach out and we’ll put you on our waiting list for access to Inceptor.